Our Products

We are certified to process seafood products with high quality standards and We have experience in projects and solutions to organizations in various industries and functions, with whom we have built strong and long term relationships.

Cultimarine farms scallops of the species Argopecten Purpuratus, referred by some as Chilean scallops. All scallops are farmed in Japanese lanterns or suspended cages in the ocean without the use of hormones, additives, nor chemicals, all necessary nutrients are obtained naturally by the scallops from what these blessed ocean waters provide.

Cultimarine can supply its customers with any packaging and product type variations. Some of the product types include: Frozen, Fresh, roe off, roe on, half shell Some of the packaging variations include: Bulk 10kg bag and master, 400gr bags, 500gr bags, 1kg bags, 5lbs bags, half shell unit.