Cultimarine SAC. Born as an aquaculture company and its exponential growth in the last 5 years, since the administration of water concessions and building your model frozen ground, should lead to knowledge and confidence that is a company committed to continuous improvement and diversification productive.

Frozen Plant began operations on June 23, 2013, processing resource "Scallop" exclusively.

The pleasant experience of passing audits from customers and national regulatory agencies, successful, because it has the infrastructure, equipment, professional and effective organization with a dedicated administration was obtained.

Looking for the challenge of diversifying productive activities in the processing of aquatic resources, the order of the Directors of the Company to obtain the health clearance of 11 seafood products in addition to the "Scallop" would help to get an expectant position received in the sector. Achieving this qualification can be summarized in:

By Technical Document Enlargement Protocol Enabling or Registration Industrial Processing Plant No. PTH - 157-14 - DG SANIPES dated 01 September 2014, the National Fish Health - SANIPES grants the extension of health empowerment of processing plant with registration P275 - SAM - CULT, to process and export the following fisheries products for direct human consumption: Anchovy, Mackerel, Horse Mackerel, Perico, Hake, Bonito, smelt, tilapia, squid, octopus and squid, in addition to the scallop.

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