About Us

Our Plant

Our services allow you to operate more sustainably, improving quality and productivity, limiting risk, verifying compliance and accelerating market access. The quality, safety and compliance of the products and services it produces or acquires are crucial. They Whatever your industry and operation, we provide key information – when what counts is safety.


Our Company

We are a company dedicated to the production of goods that fully meet the needs of our customers. We have committed staff responsible to the environment and the creation of value for our shareholders.



We are a company dedicated to the production and processing of scallops and other Hydrobiological, preferably marketing them in foreign markets to meet food demand. Our employees are committed to achieving the highest standards of quality, environmental protection, social responsibility, occupational health and safety and innovation.


Being a leading and growing company focused on providing product and quality service to its customers, a greater opportunity for professional and personal achievement to their Partners; committed to safety and health, social, environmental development and innovation.

Our Commitment


In Cultimarine, our success depends on each of our employees. For this reason we are committed to provide pleasant working environment where human rights are recognized and encourage all people to act in the best way possible.


In Cultimarine, our commitment as a company is to meet the needs and expectations of our customers through continuous improvement of our automated general services in Engineering, Maintenance and Civil Works, to the satisfaction of our customers, with good organization and management of resources, counting on the human support and knowledge gained throughout our experience.


We are aware of the commitment to continuous improvement of our system of quality management and the environment with which we interact, so we have a group of trained professionals for this purpose and providing safe and reliable conditions for our clients while performing activities; this does not make all members of the company are responsible for achieving our quality policy.